For more information on my wedding packages please send me an email on Debbie@debbielourensphotography.co.za

Please see below a list of frequently asked questions for clients interested in my wedding packages.  We can of course go through these questions whilst sipping on a cup of coffee as I show you my portfolio.

1)      How long have you been photographing and what makes you stand out from the rest?

I picked up my very first camera in April 2012 and have been going full steam with photography trying to find my style, what works for me and learning how I can create beautiful unique images for every client.  I do not wish to stand out, I would prefer blending in seamlessly into your day, capturing the beautiful emotional moments and sweet details that you have put so much thought into.  I would define my style as Intimate, Whimsical and Inspiring, that is the images that I wish to achieve with every photo shoot or wedding day.


2)      Do you travel for weddings?

Why yes I do, for more information on my rates for destinations you are welcome to pop me an email


3)      Do you have back-up equipment?

Yes, I ensure that I have back-up equipment for every wedding,  I also make two back -ups of your wedding photos after the wedding.


4)      Do you have an assistant?

Yes, my husband is my assistant and the other half of Debbie Lourens Photography


5)      How do I book you for my special day?


  • Fill out an enquiry form, and wait for my quotation
  • Should you be happy with quotation and terms and conditions on booking form, confirm your date and time
  • Return your completed booking form along with 50% non-refundable booking fee and I am yours to capture your special day



6)      How do your hours in your packages work?

I am fairly flexible in my packages, should things go a bit behind schedule on your wedding day I will happily stay for up to an hour additionally free of charge.  Any amount of hours my services are required over and above that will be quoted on an hourly rate of R800-00 per hour.


7)      How much time do you need for photos on our wedding day?


  • Decor shots: 30 minutes, to be shot before I go to the bride, please arrange with your decor suppliers to have this done on time if possible
  • Bride getting ready:  1-2 hours
  • Ceremony:  Depending on duration 30min – 1 hour
  • Family and Group shots: 20 to 30 min.  (to ensure that family shots go smoothly, please send me a list of group photographs you would like taken,  I will always refer to this in my consultations as shot lists
  • Couple photos: 1 hour or more
  • Reception:  This depends on the package you take.  I would suggest that you plan your cake cutting, first dance and garter toss etc to fit into your photography package requirements.


8)       What can I do to make sure my photos are beautiful

Above all else, enjoy yourself!!  This is the only day in your whole life that everything is about you and your partner.  Treasure it!

Secondly, ensure great light in the rooms that you are getting ready in, make sure the venue has good natural light.  If you are getting ready in small spaces, have your party clear out any clutter.

If you are having your ceremony outside, please make sure you stand under a shaded area like a linen gazebo, to reduce any harsh lines or shadows on your faces.

For your reception, please ensure that there is sufficient light, not just candle-light, the more light the better the photos J