The Story of the Snow Princess – A Journey of Self Acceptance

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This session lays very dear to my heart and I am overwhelmed with pride and joy.  My reason behind this shoot is of a personal nature.  Since starting photography I have grown so much and learned so much, but what I battled to learn was to encourage myself, accept myself and above all love myself.  In the last couple of months I had been battling depression, and placed my self worth in the hands of others.  It hurt not fitting into certain areas of the industry and I increasingly retreated back into my shell.  Barely recognisable to myself.

Until one day,  I just realized, what others think of me is not nearly as important (if at all) as what I think of myself, how I feel of myself.  I have always been a positive and happy person it was just as if I had forgotten how to be me.   It was sort of like an epiphany one could say.  I’m not in high school anymore.  I don’t need to feel I have to impress anyone in the industry.  The most important person I need to take care of is me, only then can I take care of the ones I love and last, but not at all least, my beautiful clients who have supported and encouraged me through out my photography journey.

To all my clients, I truly value you, without you I would not have learnt the things I have learnt or experienced the things I have… and I think indirectly  because of you I came to realize that I needed to believe in myself and stop worrying what others think.

With this session I wanted to take a misunderstood character someone in a dark place, but praying to get out, thinking that love of another would save her and release her from her internal prison, but ultimately realizing that she is perfect, loved , unique and accepted just as she is and by believing in her own self worth she is set free from her own self doubt and sadness.

I would like to sincerely thank the following people for helping me make this shoot possible

Danica vandenheede  my gorgeous model and muse

Dee White, Danica’s wonderful mom and my assistant for the day

Marnel Toerien, for the sensational awe inspiring make-up and hair clicky click

Tatum from Paper Dolls  for the rental of her stunning garments

My friend and fellow photographer Kathrin for coming along to take some photos and showing me the stunning location

Lastly my wonder wonderful husband Deon for always supporting me, carrying around my gear and reflector or giving me practical advice when my creative brain is running a mile a minute.

I hope that my story inspires you to appreciate your self worth and to encourage, support, love and believe in yourself always.



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  1. Debbie, what a beautiful touching story and what an fantastic person you are. You were truly one of the most special photographers we ever worked with, so professional and fun and loving. Thank you for allowing me and Danica to be part of your stunning journey and all the best for the future! You are truly an amazing person and photographer.

    • What a beautiful message, thank you so much Dee, and my feelings are truly mutual. You and Danica are a great team to work with xxx

  2. Dee

    Danika lyk stunning.. fotograaf baie mooi fotos geneem, love al agtergrond van elke liewe foto.

  3. It’s so beautiful Debbie, teary eyes because of the story behind, I am impressed what a transformation you have made !!!! You have become stronger and it shows in your work… Thanks for allowing me to tag along, your story touches me you know it, I am just the same !!! Never forget these words :)…

    • Thank you Katy xx

  4. Debbie jy is fantasties!!!! 🙂

    • Sjoe! Dankie 🙂 Mooi dag xx