Week 5 – Dreamy bubbles

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dreamy bubbles copy

This is Bokeh… or as some of us call it ‘dreamy bubbles’. My head is constantly filled with dreamy bubbles. When I’m not photographing and I ‘zone out’ as my friends say, I’d like to think that this is what the image in my head would look like.

Most of my friends know that I am very bad at concentrating. I sometimes interupt people while they are speaking to say something. Strangers might think that I am rude. Friends know if I don’t say it at that moment I forget what I wanted to say and then end up frustrated. I have appallingly bad memory.

But I can dream…

I can imagine entire stories from the beginning to the end, when I am having a particularly bad day I do this often. Perhaps I am weird, who knows. All I know is, was it not for my imagination my life would be very mundane. I am a work horse. So when things get overwhelming I take 5 minutes and dream. I use to hate that I would zone out, but now I consider it a blessing. I am thankful that God gave me such a vivid imagination, as it helps shape the style of photography that I want to do.

Last week I went through a bit of a metamorphisis. I cut out white foods (no i am not on a diet) I started drinking more water and I said something positive about myself every day. It has made me a nicer person. Not just to others, but to myself. I am notorius for not finishing what I started, but while I am on this positive high I am going to enjoy it.

So I thought to leave you with the quote that is stuck on my pin board right in front of me. ‘There is no reason not to follow your heart’

I hope you are following yours.