Child’s play

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Over the weekend I had a chance to visit with my best friend Monika.  We took a drive to Strand where I spent a lovely morning entertaining her awesome kids.  People often ask me why my husband and I decided not to have kids, and while it is a personal matter which I won’t go into much detail about, we don’t plan to have them soon.  That doesn’t mean though that I don’t love children.  I’m the aunty that runs around the shopping centre with your child making monster noises.  The aunty that teaches you how to break off leaves on house plants (this is a tradition passed down by my grandfather lol)


Raising children isn’t just about breaking off leaves and running around like loonies.  It is so much more.  a Bond that I can not possibly begin to understand.  A bond I respect and sometimes even envy.  There are a lot of laughs, but also tears  (usually I take that as my cue for exit) and on this day I experienced a little bit of tears as well.  It was really challenging.  My dear sweet friend Lily crying for her mommy and me trying to find ways to amuse her by dipping my nose in cappucino foam.  Fortunately by creatively whisking a straw around in water, watching the lemon spin in the tiny little current saved us and made Lily feel better, (myself too actually, a lemon slice twirling about looks kind of magical)

In no time Mommy was back, Lily was happily doing frog leaps on the ground while I gingerly felt for any cappuccino foam bits on my face.  All the while this was happening Lily’s brother Kyle and I discussed sport, school and music.  (while my eyes were trained in chameleon fashion) I need to point out that he is the most inteligent 9? year old I know.

It was one of the best weekends I had in a while….

Here is a little bonus image.  Lily playing happily after we watched the ‘ lemon slices dance’