Niel and Natasha’s wedding at Fraaigelegen

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It was a perfect summery December day when Natasha and Niel tied the knot.  The breeze was blissful and the gorgeous rays of light made everything look picturesque…  Then during our family photos, something happened… The weather made a full 360.  Clouds rolled in, you could hear thunder approaching and soft little rain drops teased our cheeks.  Despite this, Natasha and Niel remained easy going and full of smiles, only having eyes for each other.  Looking back I can honestly say that this was one of my absolute favourite wedding experiences of the year.  I adored photographing this wonderful couple and I think only fondly of their wedding day.  Sore feet forgotten, worries about four seasons rolled into one day a distant memory.

Niel en Natasha, ek wens julle net die rykste blessings toe.  Julle is wonderlike pragtige mense.Niel en Natasha208 _DSC6741 _DSC6739 Niel en Natasha338 Niel en Natasha092 _niel en Natasha 6175 (8) _niel en Natasha 6175 (7) Niel en Natasha100 _niel en Natasha 6175 (2) Niel en Natasha103 Niel en Natasha106 Niel en Natasha109 Niel en Natasha131 niel en natasha1089 niel en natasha1103 niel en natasha1102 Niel en Natasha150 copy Niel en Natasha193 Niel en Natasha189 Niel en Natasha163 _niel en Natasha 6175 (1) niel en natasha1130niel en natasha 6312Niel en Natasha247 Niel en Natasha255 Niel en Natasha227 niel en natasha1151Niel en Natasha274Niel en Natasha369 Niel en Natasha365 Niel en Natasha363Niel en Natasha486 Niel en Natasha481 Niel en Natasha465 Niel en Natasha463 Niel en Natasha456 Niel en Natasha452 Niel en Natasha448 Niel en Natasha444 Niel en Natasha422 Niel en Natasha416 Niel en Natasha411 Niel en Natasha398 Niel en Natasha384Niel en Natasha-495 Niel en Natasha-524 Niel en Natasha-557 Niel en Natasha-580 Niel en Natasha-624 Niel en Natasha-608Venue:  Fraaigelegen / Make-up and Hair: Marli Basson / Dress: Elizabeth Stockenstrohm  (full supplier list to follow)