{Project 52} Week 3

Posted by on Jan 20, 2014 in Personal | Comments Off on {Project 52} Week 3

My project series is taking a bit of a turn, I had to share these series of images with you of my little nephew Lourens.  On a sunny sunday morning, while everyone was busy waking up, we played make believe.  I love playing make-believe, now at almost 30 I still do it.  That is why I chose photography.  Though on my journey i started losing sight of who I am and what I love doing.  I love playing games with my nephew, i don’t do it often because I am always busy.  I love dancing.  I don’t go dancing because I’m always busy.  I love going out with my best friend and gossiping over coffee or sushi. I love watching movies with  my husband, but we don’t, because I am always editing.  I would like to do these things more often, but I take on so much and I am so focussed on reaching my goals that I lose sight of who I am.  The friends who have chosen to hang in there and not give up on me I appreciate so much more.  The friends I’ve lost, I feel sad over, but I move on. What is important now is that I find some balance.


Isn’t he gorgeous?