Pocahontas: A Winter Wedding (in Summer)

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This was truly a wonderful shoot with loads of stunning suppliers who really pushed through on the day despite the thundering rains…  Who would have thought that after months of planning our plans would be thwarted by rain!  Fortunately a quick change in location and a ‘rewrite’ of the shoot made our efforts worth it.  I am so proud of all of us.  This wasn’t just a collaboration, but a proper team effort.  If I were to be in the same circumstances on an actual wedding day, I would be completely at ease knowing that I have such amazing suppliers on my team.

Hope you like the images…. We were all soaked to the skin making this shoot a reality.

A Huge, enormous THANK YOU to everyone involved!

   Flowers and Details:  Green Goddess Flower Studio / Cakes:  La Petite Patisserie / Make-up and Hair:  Marnél Toerien /

Stationary: Pretty in Stains Dress: Elaine – Alternative Bridal wear  / Model: Natasha Stanton /

Gold Gypsy head piece with feather charm detail:  Sunkissed

DebbieLourensPhotography_pocahontas_0042 DebbieLourensPhotography_pocahontas_0043 DebbieLourensPhotography_pocahontas_0044
DebbieLourensPhotography_pocahontas_0046 DebbieLourensPhotography_pocahontas_0047 DebbieLourensPhotography_pocahontas_0048 DebbieLourensPhotography_pocahontas_0049 DebbieLourensPhotography_pocahontas_0078
DebbieLourensPhotography_pocahontas_0052 DebbieLourensPhotography_pocahontas_0053 DebbieLourensPhotography_pocahontas_0054 DebbieLourensPhotography_pocahontas_0055 DebbieLourensPhotography_pocahontas_0056 DebbieLourensPhotography_pocahontas_0057 DebbieLourensPhotography_pocahontas_0058 DebbieLourensPhotography_pocahontas_0059 DebbieLourensPhotography_pocahontas_0060 DebbieLourensPhotography_pocahontas_0061 DebbieLourensPhotography_pocahontas_0062 DebbieLourensPhotography_pocahontas_0063 DebbieLourensPhotography_pocahontas_0064 DebbieLourensPhotography_pocahontas_0065 DebbieLourensPhotography_pocahontas_0066 DebbieLourensPhotography_pocahontas_0067 DebbieLourensPhotography_pocahontas_0068DebbieLourensPhotography_pocahontas_0074 DebbieLourensPhotography_pocahontas_0075 DebbieLourensPhotography_pocahontas_0076 DebbieLourensPhotography_pocahontas_0077 DebbieLourensPhotography_pocahontas_0070 DebbieLourensPhotography_pocahontas_0071 DebbieLourensPhotography_pocahontas_0072