Week 2 : The hoarder

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week 2


This is my flower crown stand… It is an old chicken mesh and rusted wire bird house which I never ended up hanging outside as a bird feeder.  Yes, my house is full of unfinished projects ‘that I’ll get round to’ .  If you know me personally, you will know that I am a bit of a hoarder…  Evident from my extensive book collection (which I also haven’t read much of, because ‘I’m going to take a day off and just read’ at some point in the future)  Well I did finish two books over christmas, as that felt like the only excuse suitable enough for me not having to work.  ‘It’s christmas!  nobody works on christmas day’  So While most people stuffed their faces with gammon and trifle I stuffed my face with braaivleis and sangrias and stuffed my head with literature… It was the best Christmas I have ever had… apart from the year my aunt bought me the spice world film on vhs  (Don’t you dare judge me,  i was 12)   Anyway I digress…

The flowere crowns are a pretty important staple in my photography style.  I live vicariously through my models because my head is just simply too large to make a crown look good, so I make my models and on occasion my clients (who are awesome)  wear the crowns.  This is my guilty pleasure and I have racked up quite an extensive collection of crowns.  Which is why I feel this should be part of my 52 week challenge.  (Beauty in the plain)  These crowns are by no means plain, but I am finding beauty in my hoarding.

Just a side note… The angle seems a bit funny as I actually took this lying upside down.  What a head rush 🙂