Ula the Mermaid

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Inspired by my work in Progress novel I decided to put together a photo session about Ula,  The girl that can talk to the wind.

The brief synopsis ofo this Story is that her father, unbeknowst to her, was a Merman, choosing a life ashore, but then disappears one evening on a fishing boat expedition, She spends the following couple of years wondering whatever happened to him and arguing with her mother, as teenagers do.

One day the wind carries her a message from the depths of the ocean that she is needed by her father, who is frail and struggling to protect his tribe by the Dark Currents (evil mer people thingies) . On her journey to get to her father, she meets and falls inlove with a painter, Liam.  Together they set off to find the end of the ocean.  Where she would be able to transform into a mermaid.  Unfortunately should she choose to be a Mermaid she can never go back to shore.  (yes I realize this plot has got more holes than a pair of school tights, but as I said… work in progress LOL)

Distraught that she has to choose between Liam and saving her father and mer-people she barely knows,  he ultimately reveals to her that he was sent by the Dark Currents to gain her trust and should it come to that, kill her, but fell in love with her instead.

Together they find the end of the ocean, Ula transforming into the mermaid she always was, and sets off to help her father.

** These are great sort of themes for Matric Farewell dresses that are hanging in your closet and you want to do something fun with**  (Just thought I’d put that out there lol)

There are plenty more photos to come, but here are a few to go through.

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Make-up:  Marnel Toerien /Mermaid skirt:  Elaine- Alternative bridal /Dresses: Janita Toerien