{Rock the Frock} Persephone

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Your wedding dress doesn’t have to hang in your closet after you wore it once.  An ever increasing trend is to book sessions where you get to prettify yourself and rock your wedding dress once more.  Although I do like the classic portraits some brides choose for their session, I wanted to do something a little different.

I incorported a story into this session.  You don’t need many details to do something like this.  You can get so creative with just the bare minimum.

I chose the theme of Persephone as Carla’s dress was grecian inspired and she instantly reminded me of a Greek Goddess.

We only added a few details like flowers and pomegranates, which was more than enough to tell the story.

I have added a few images from our session and will add more at a later stage

DebbieLourensPhotography_Persephone_0021 DebbieLourensPhotography_Persephone_0022 DebbieLourensPhotography_Persephone_0023 DebbieLourensPhotography_Persephone_0024 DebbieLourensPhotography_Persephone_0025 DebbieLourensPhotography_Persephone_0026 DebbieLourensPhotography_Persephone_0027 DebbieLourensPhotography_Persephone_0028 DebbieLourensPhotography_Persephone_0030


Model:  Carla Windt

Make-up:  Samantha Klopper